Realising the potential for your project


Advisory and management services for clean energy infrastructure projects

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Attention to detail

We are able to coordinate design, procurement and construction work. Within our operational scope, we use a large network of trusted and experienced contractors to ensure the optimum efficiency and performance of our projects.




Market Analysis

As low-carbon and renewable energy markets continue to evolve, we are consistently tracking
financial, economic and policy implications of emerging technologies that will determine the future of the industry. Our clients can rely on our honest and unbiased reporting to create clear perspectives.

Feasibility Study

A comprehensive feasibility study highlights the benefits and potential uncertainties of developing your energy project.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we provide an analysis of the current energy system, and explore scope for improvement. An expert site survey is conducted and a layout design is proposed.

Investment Strategy

Our tools will give you the insight required to make the most of your investment. Coupling real-world data and industry experience, our models are sufficiently flexible to deal with the uncertainties around fuel availability, market conditions and varying levels of renewable generation.


Engineering Design

Our engineers conducts the due diligence required in a design review and through value engineering. A detailed plan is put forward to deliver a successful project on time and on budget.


We believe that good contractors embrace technology; great contractors go above and beyond to fix problems that arise. Our partners are at the forefront of innovation, problem solving, cost effective delivery, health & safety performance and environmental protection. 


Properly performed Operations and Maintenance (O&M) ensures optimal performance of the project over its useful life. A maintenance plan is composed, and the management of the facility is turned over to the owner for full occupancy. Managers are well informed of the requirements for the control and upkeep of property and equipment. 



Market Entry

Our international reach spans over several continents, with a key focus in UK, European and Chinese markets.

Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of local competition, we assess market conditions for your project.

Experts on the ground

From compliance to construction, we believe in the importance of experts on the ground. Local knowledge gives the insight required to explore the scope and challenges of delivering an infrastructure project. Following this principle closely has allowed us to expand our global presence.


Even between countries that speak the same language, cultural differences can complicate the way to clear and meaningful communication.

Upheld to the highest standards, our translations carry the intent, style and tone of the source language for meaningful market integration.