Solar glass; thin film PV technology


The next generation of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

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No longer an "aesthetic afterthought"

Dispel the myth that solar energy can’t be beautiful. Breakthrough CdTe technology allows for translucent modules to be used as an integrated solution. We want to change the way you ‘see’ glass structure - each pane has the potential to harness the power of renewable energy.


Project realised in Hangzhou, China

System size: 1MWp

Industries that look to innovate move towards automation. These energy intensive enterprises are increasingly turning to renewables to cover running costs.

We were able to offer financing to realise this project. 

The Future of the Workspace

As architecture explores more complex shapes, innovative materials are at the forefront of addressing changing demands.


Project realised in Jiaxing, China

System size: 140kWp

This is the next generation in BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics).


Solar glass empowers enterprises that seek independence. Energy is becoming increasingly decentralised, bringing control back to the business. The client wanted to cover overheads; the system is able to cover the costs of lighting, climate control and IT operations. 

Commercial solar installation

The Future of Food

We recognise that the future for food security is evolving. Enclosed farming allows for greater yields and high-quality crops. Increasingly, "smart farming" techniques are adopted to optimise this further.  


Project realised in Suzhou, China

System size: 50kWp

Solar glass has been incorporated into greenhouses to address energy demands from daily operations, whilst still allowing for the benefits of natural sunlight.

In this project, the client wanted to automate climate control, which includes heating, ventilation and shading. Working alongside sensors, the power usage is completely covered by an array of solar glass. Smart.